Loki in Lingerie

The diary of a level 9 Kytonspawn Teifling ranger with a rod of wonder

Saturday Pathfinder: 2pm-10pm

My warhorse in my Saturday Pathfinder campaign is named Delial. From a noble family, alignment TN. We’re in the second module of Kingmaker. I’m King(although at this point I’m not yet a king but a countess, as we have not yet achieved independence). This game is my core group, really. Most of us game together at least four times a week. I do all day Saturday, and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I’m such a super nerd that I get distracted from D&D(Pathfinder, really) or Scion(Tuesdays) or various tabletop gaming by coding on my laptop, or by adapting mods. I love it.

We’re playing in the Inner Sea Region. We’ve got Luka, a human Verisian wizard with a penchant for pedagogy. Araris, a flashy Verisian swishy-poke duelist. Hibiki, a ratfolk ninja. I’m a human cleric of artifice and travel and am from the noble family Ledeba of Brevoy. Zeph is a half-elf Summoner with a great Idolan and with fly. We also have Yevgeny, a human, Verisian dreamspun tattooed sorcerer that specializes in harrowing. It’s been a killer campaign so far. We’re only level 4 so far, and I have raised an Owlbear from infancy already-best pet ever. We’ve got a troll friend(he cowered after we killed his three friends): his name in his native tongue translates to “tree” so we call him that. We travel with my full coach and eight horses. The regular horses sometimes get eaten while we’re out so we need more than the party count. We sometimes use them for carrying loot or new friends. On the other hand, party members often ride in the coach. My warhorse usually leads the four-horse team… nerdrage nerdrage nerdrage.



A self portrait as part of a group project with my NickNack

The Trial

Aurumlight Studio: I love the work done by this studio. It’s always sexy and often shocking in its beauty and skill.

The Trial

Photography by Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz with AurumLight Studio

This studio is amazing, check out their other work sometime. They give Milk Workshops to teach intense photography techniques, worth every dollar.

It would be an utterly dreamy job to work for them, even as a mule. I’d bring in a few more alt models than are used as of yet, though. Dreaming. <3